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The Wedgewood Inn

Step back into time and visit The Wedgewood Inn, a three bedroom rental retreat in the heart of Downtown Frederick, MD.First opening in 1906 in this very building the owners are bringing it back to its former glory and inviting you to be their guests.

I did a good deal of research on the building to find original photos for inspiration in the facade restoration. Below is a very brief timeline of the years associated with the earliest photo I was able to find.

Please note the photo in the upper right corner noting the address. I have spoken with Mary at the records department at the library and she has confirmed that 5 west 2nd street was and still is the address for the building as the addresses were changed prior to 1907. I am happy to provide the rest of the buildings history I have found if needed.

The History of

The Wedgewood Inn

Francis T Rhodes

August 1886 Mr. Frank T Rhodes advertises his sodas from the first floor bottling house at 7 W. 2nd St.

April 1898 Mrs. Francis T Rd. opens a hairstylist on the second floor of her seventh W. 2nd St. home where she lives with her husband, Francis, and son Frank.

December 1906 Francis T Rhodes of 7 W. 2nd St. passes away and leaves the building at 5 W. 2nd St. to his son Frank B Rhodes. He has been traveling doing vaudeville  acting for years.