About Dirty Deeks

Dirty Deeks provides fun, wild, and high-quality underglaze decals for contemporary ceramic artists to use in their own studios. After years of designing decals, I decided to create a new collection of NSFW designs that will have your grandmother clutching her pearls.

We hope you enjoy using our Dirty Deeks and would love to see what you create with them!

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Dirty Deeks FAQ

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We hope you love our decals but it you don't please email us and let us know! You can send unused sheets back to us in their original condition and packaging within 2 weeks and we will refund your purchase price minus shipping and a $10 restocking fee. If your transfers arrive damaged please contact us within 1 week of arrival and we will give you details on how to return them for credit or exchange. 

We are so excited about the popularity of our designs and do our best to keep things in stock but  keeping up with the demand can be difficult depending on the time of year. There is no set schedule for website restocks but if you would like to be notified you can sign up for email notifications on the home page of our website.  Turning on notifications for our Instagram and Facebook posts is also a great way to keep tabs. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality decals in the industry and be assured we are hard at work making more and coming up with new exciting designs! Speaking of new designs... we release them a few times a year, usually in seasonal batches.

Yes, we happily do custom decals. Here is some info on the prices for both types we offer.   

Underglaze Tissue Transfers - (FOOD SAFE) There is a $100 charge for the original screen plate of your design to be made. They last for a very long time so you shouldn't need to worry about having this cost more than once. There is a $50 set up fee to make your file ready for the plate to be made. Any other design work would be additional. After that there is a minimum of 50 sheets per color / per design and they have a usable area of about 19” x 13” each and you can design the area however you like keeping in mind what will transfer well and is not too detailed or having too thin of lines. You would get discounted pricing on these of $5 per sheet. If you are looking for more than one color per sheet (max 4), there is a separate screen and setup fee per color as each color needs its one screen and the price per sheet is $7.50. Available options are black, red, green, blue, turquoise white, yellow, orange, pink. I’ll need a vector image if possible and they will likely take 3-4 months from start to finish. 

Overglaze Water Slide Decals - (FOOD SAFE) There is a $15 set up fee and any design work will be additional. If you do not have a specific design you want you can just request a theme and I can work with that as well. The sheets can have 7.5” x 10.5” or 15” x 10.5” of usable decal space. The 1/2 sheets are $25 - $35 each depending on the amount of color and spacing of designs. Discount pricing for multiple sheets. These will print in full color although they are semitransparent and work best on white or light-colored glazes. Exceptions - pure white will be clear, pink will print more of a pinkish coral color, turquoise will print more of a blueish mint color, very vibrant colors will print slightly more muted, no neons, no metallics. Natural colors work best. Since we use a food safe, very durable, glossy, flux coating on top of the decals we recommend you cut close to the image as possible to avoid a slight raised line around the image. These can take 1 - 2 weeks from start to finish. 

If you just want to adjust one of our overglaze decal sheets that we currently offer please email me with your requests, usually this can be done for a nominal adjustment fee. 

Yes! If you are a retailer, interested in carrying Elan Decals, Transfers or our Elan Enamel Pins please send us an email at elantransfers@gmail.com and include a copy of your resale certificate and a link to your website. We have limited oppertunities for wholesale depending on where you are located so please also include your location and if you will be selling in person or online. 

Yes! You should notify the owner of the studio ahead of time and let them know you are planning to use our transfers in their studio to make sure they are ok with the process. They will simply need to apply their clear glaze over top of your finished piece as they would normally do with other painted pieces.

Product Questions

Yes! There is no lead in any of our underglaze transfer or overglaze decal sheets and they are all food safe when fired according to the directions on ourinstruction page

Underglaze Transfers are recommended for green and bisqueware ceramic pots only. Overglaze Decals are recommended for use on previous glazed fired ceramic pieces and work best on a white or light colored glaze.

If you are a maker of other mediums you are welcome to try them out for your project, we offer a sample pack that you might find helpful however as we only work in the ceramic medium we are not sure of their results in other applications. Our products should never be used on edible food products such as cupcakes or cookies.

Please visit our INSTRUCTIONpage for a detailed application process. 

Underglaze Transfers are sheet of rice paper that has been individually silk screened with ceramic underglaze and then made available for you to apply like a temporary tattoo to your ceramic pieces. These sheets are typically one or just a few colors and come in with a 19" x 13" usable area. They can be applied to wet, leather hard, or bisqued pottery and need to be fired with a clear or translucent zinc free glaze on top. If you are glaze firing to a temperature exceeding cone 6 a glaze on top glaze coat is not necessary. Since these are made from underglaze they act similar to other underglazes and can be layered with underglazes. For more detailed instructions on the application process click HERE

Overglaze Decals are full color water slide printed ceramic decals. These are printed on a special printer using ceramic toner and heat sealed with a ceramic flux top coat making them very durable and food safe. They are applied in a third firing on top of your already glazed fired piece to a temperature of 1616 degrees F. They work best over a light or white glaze as they are semitransparent and will be affected by the glaze color they are applied on. They work best on a glossy glaze and will show a slight line where they are cut out so we recommend cutting them as close to the design as possible. For more detailed instructions on the application process please click HERE.

Yes! The application process is a bit different for each process and we highly recommend experimenting but our transfers can be applied to wet, leather hard, and bisqued pottery. Please view our video tutorial page for some helpful videos and or our application instruction page for more detailed instructions. 

Our overglaze decals can only be applied to previously glaze fired pottery.

Our transfers act as any other underglaze would so they will not stick to your kiln shelf or other pots unless you have added a overglaze to them. They can also be combined in any order with underglazes.

Wiping pots after bisquing is not recommended when you are using any underglaze decals as the ink is not set until it has a glaze on top or they are fired to a minimum of cone 6. If you get them wet or rub them after bisque it will smear the images. You can instead take them out side and blow them off if there is a lot of dust on them. Canned air or a compressor is good for this task although with my own pots I don't need to do this step when I glaze them with our rubbing technique that can be seenhere

You can use any glaze you like on top but keep in mind the translucency of the glaze will affect how much of the design you see. Even some clear glazes can appear cloudy or milky when applied too thick so consistency is also a concern. I recommend experimenting with some test tiles to get the perfect glaze before glazing a bunch of work. 

I use Cone 5 HF-9 clear zinc free glaze from Amaco (it fires well to cone 6 too). I buy it in premixed gallons so I can brush it on each piece and I fire it to Cone 6 with a 5 min hold at temperature and a slow cool of 150 degrees per hour until it reaches 1800 degrees and then I shut the kiln off and let it cool naturally until about 200 when I crack the lid to peek. 

Any and all! I highly recommend experimenting with different firing temperature and atmospheres to see what feels right for your work. I personally fire to Cone 6 in an electric kiln but have also had lots of fun using our transfers on pots fired in gas reduction kilns and wood fired kilns reaching cone 12. Our designs can also be used in low fire work with an over glaze on top. 

If your final glaze firing temperature will be under Cone 6 to it is important to note that you will need an over glaze on top to seal the designs in and prevent them from rubbing off. It's also worth noting to take care when glazing and handling bisqueware with transfer designs as they can smudge when rubbed or if they get wet prior to the glaze application.