Adrienne Tyrey

Adrienne Tyrey

August 29th 2023 at 1:30pm - Adrienne Tyrey is a hobby potter living in Philadelphia. She specializes in wheel thrown pottery with detailed surface decoration and dramatic glaze drips. She enjoys creating functional objects that people can use in their daily lives, mixing joy and craft. 

After completing her PhD in history, Adrienne took her first wheel throwing class in the fall of 2019 as a way to recover from grad school, reconnect with her creative side, and learn to make something with her hands.

Adrienne is a working member of Outlaw Arts, a small community studio in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania. In early 2020, with classes unavailable, the studio offered time for independent work. This provided Adrienne the opportunity to begin developing her own personal style, learning primarily from other potters online and sharing her work. 

In addition to creating and selling her own pieces, Adrienne teaches classes at the pottery studio, works full-time in scholarly communications, and spends time with her partner and cats. 

You can find her work online on instagram @adrienne_in_wheel_life and on Etsy.


View the Instagram Live here.

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